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About Our Products

PLC Co. strives to provide the finest quality leisure and lighting products at globally competitive prices through innovative designs, excellent worldwide sourcing and quality assurance engineering. PLC's management has over 42 years of experience in product design and engineering in the lighting industry.

Our corporate headquarters and factory are located in Linn, Missouri. State of the art manufacturing facilities and machinery, volume raw material sourcing, and most importantly, skilled and dedicated people are the key to our success. We have several facilities world wide where our stringent design, production and quality standards are rigidly enforced to ensure a quality product for the global market.

We incorporate aesthetics, function, and quality starting from the initial design phase. Our design and engineering team balance these parameters with requirements for reliability, safety and durability. PLC Co. excels in creative product design: The PLC design team has been awarded numerous patents as a result of these innovations.

An unsurpassed level of quality is engineered into every product. Meticulous quality inspection procedures ensure the conformity of all components used in our products. Consistent procedures are employed at all facilities, thereby assuring our customers of superior products.

Our philosophy is driven by a single golden principle: "If we do not take care of our customers, someone else will." Dale Klaus, President of PLC Co. states. "This philosophy of performance, dependability and service, will earn the trust and appreciation of customers worldwide."

Patio Living Concepts sells to dealers only.