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Carefree durability while adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor living area. Lamps feature resin construction with a 3” tubular body and heavy weighted bases. All are completely weatherproof and have a two level dimming switch, weatherproof cord and plug, 12 ft. on floor lamps, 16 ft. on table lamps. Acrylic waterproof light bulb enclosure allows use of standard 100 watt bulb or comparable LED or CFL. Floor lamps are 63 1/2” tall, 62” tall without tables. Table lamps are shades are
6 1/2” x 11 1/2” x 25”.

Lamps shown in bronze with
#65 spectrum cilantro shades.

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Catalina lamps feature
weatherproof light bulb


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65647 shown

Table Lamps
34" tall,
16' weatherproof cord and plug.

   00640 Black Body
   00641 White Body
   00647 Bronze Body


65687 shown



65697 shown

Floor Lamp
62" tall,
2' weatherproof cord and plug.
   00680 Black Body
   00681 White Body
   00687 Bronze Body
Floor Lamps with Table 
63" tall,
12' weatherproof cord and plug.
   00690 Black Body
   00691 White Body
   00697 Bronze Body
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